Yahoo Mail Password Reset

Did you forget your Yahoo mail login password? May be someone has changed your password without you knowing it or may be you just can’t remember it. In order to regain access to your account, you have to follow the Yahoo mail password reset steps.

This process requires basically two things ; account verification which proves that you are the authorised person of the account and account access.

Steps For Yahoo Mail Password Reset

  1. Click on this direct link
  2. Type in your Yahoo username or full e-mail address or your registered phone number and click on Continue.
  3. If you have access to the phone that you have provided during Yahoo mail sign up process, then click on Yes, text me an Account Key button to receive a verification code via text.
  4. If unfortunately, you somehow lost that number or you do not have access to the phone, then click on I don’t have access to this phone.
  5. This method is helpful only if you have provided an alternative e-mail address during Yahoo sign up.
  6. Yahoo! will send you verification code via SMS or e-mail depending on which method you chose.
  7. In case of email, do not forget to check Updates folder if you cannot find the email from Yahoo!.
  8. Enter the code that you just received in order to verify your e-mail/phone number. Click Verify button.
  9. After the verification is successful, you can directly go to your Yahoo! mail homepage. Click on Create a new password for Yahoo mail password reset.
  10. Create a strong password. Your password must be atleast 8 characters long. You must include numbers, special characters (@, !) in your password to make it stronger. Enter it twice and click on Continue.


For security, you will need to enter your new password across all of your devices. Next time you when you sign in to your Yahoo mail account, enter a new login password. Never ever share your password with anyone unless he/she is a trusted one. Never save your password if you are using a public computer (office, cafe, library).

Always set a password that you can remember at any time but very strong at the same time. So that you won’t forget your Yahoo mail login password again. Even if you set your own name as a password, try using it this way J0hnSm!tH.

In order to create a new Yahoo email account, please follow this link

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