Reset Outlook Password 2017

Outlook or popularly knows as Hotmail or Live is a free web based e-mail service provided by Microsoft. You can use your , or e-mail accounts to use all the Microsoft services.

Forgetting password is very annoying and we tend to forget out login password all the time. But Hotmail has a feature that will let users to reset their forgotten password.

How To Reset Outlook Password ?

  1. Go to or
  2. Enter your e-mail address, then click Next button
  3. Click on Forgot my password link. Now select the reason why you are having trouble signing in? In this case, I forgot my password. Click Next after that.
  4. Again type in your email address.
  5. Enter the characters that you see on your screen. If you cannot figure out the characters, then, hit New to get a new characters or Audio to listen to new one.
  6. Click Next after you are done filling both the fields.
  7. Now choose how would you want to receive a verification code. If you have provided both alternative email and mobile number, then you will see both of those options.
  8. Select Email. To verify that this is your email address, complete the hidden part and click “Send code” to receive your code.
  9. Sign in to that e-mail account and check for the Microsoft account password reset mail. If you select SMS verification, you will receive a code in your mobile phone.
  10. Copy the code and paste it in the verification field. Then click Next.
  11. You will be asked to set a new outlook login password. Reenter your password for confirmation.
  12. Click Next to successfully reset Outlook password. Use your new password when you sign in to your outlook account next time.

What If You Do not Have Access To Your Recovery Phone And E-mail ?

Maybe you were a bit too careless and you do not have access to your recovery email account that you set during outlook sign up and you have lost your mobile too. Here is what you can do if that is the case .

  1. Check “I don’t have any of these” to receive a security code. Click Next
  2. Enter an email address that’s different from the one you’re trying to recover.
  3. Check your email for a message from the Microsoft account team, and enter the code. Then click Verify.
  4. Now enter your First and Last Name along with your date of birth.
  5. You need to answer the security questions that you set during outlook e-mail sign up. answer as many questions as you can.
  6. After you complete all the fields. Click Next. After the account verification is complete, you will be asked to set a new password.
  7. You have to enter the exact answer, exact birth date from the sign up process. Hotmail will check and try to match your answer to identify you as a authorised person of the account.

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