Forgot Skype Password | Reset Skype Login Password

There are two things you can do if you forgot skype password. One, you can reset your skype password and regain access to your account. Two, you can create a new hotmail/skype account and forget about the previous account. Usually, when people forgets their login password, they try and reset forgotten password.

You can try these steps from skype regular website ( or Skype mobile app or skype desktop program. By following these steps, you will be able to recover skype password and login once again.

Steps To Reset If You Forgot Skype Password

  1. Go to Then click on Sign in>My account from the top right hand side of the web page.
  2. Or open Skype app or program on your smartphone or desktop.
  3. Type in your Email, phone or Skype name. Then click Next button.
  4. Now click on Forgot my password link.
  5. You need to choose why you cannot sign in. In this case, select “I forgot my password“, then click Next.
  6. Enter your Microsoft account (full email address). Then enter the characters that you see on the screen. After that click Next.
  7. Now choose how would you like to get your security code. If you have added both recovery e-mail address and mobile number, you will see both of the options. It depends on if you have added those during Hotmail account sign up process or not.
  8. If you select Email, then complete the hidden part to verify that it is your email address. If you select Phone, then complete the hidden numbers. Then click Send code.
  9. If the email address or phone number you entered matches with the one that is stored in Microsoft database, you will receive SMS or e-mail with verification code.
  10. Enter the code that you just received, then click Next.
  11. Now you will be asked to set a new password for your Microsoft account. Re-enter your new password for confirmation. Then click Next button.

Congratulations! You have successfully reset skype password.

Please remember that, your Skype account is under your Microsoft account. So when you change your skype password, you are actually changing your Microsoft account (hotmail, live, outlook email) password. That means, when you login to your hotmail or live or outlook email address next time, you need to use your updated login password.

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